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Mission Statement

The Art Collection exists to create an eclectic collection of art. It will make this collection available to the public, through various means, in order to provide pleasure and education. It will aim to increase the reputation of artists represented in the collection and to widen awareness of their work.

Aims and Objectives

  • The Art Collection will create an eclectic collection of 20th and 21st century artworks.

  • Acquisitions to the collection may consist of two or three-dimensional works, created in any media or materials.

  • Acquisitions will be selected on their individual merits rather than by precedents set by previous acquisitions, the critical reputation of the artist or the presence or absence of other factors.

  • The educating and edifying work of The Art Collection will be managed mainly through its web site and through public exhibitions of works in the collection. It will employ other means where deemed suitable.

  • The Art Collection will operate as a private organisation, not a charity. It will not be a grant-giving body. Although The Art Collection will accept donations of artworks, it will not solicit gifts, nor will it seek financial aid.



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